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Civil Litigation

We provide services of filing, appeal to the second instance, appeal to the third instance, filing for re-trail on all aspects of civil litigation matters, including, but not limited to commercial and business transaction controversies, infringement cases, civil enforcement, credit card debt, traffic accident, state compensation, registration of real property, transfer of ownership, right of superficies, division of property, mortgages, etc.

Family Cases

Our family law expertise covers marriage and divorce, custody guardianship, alimony, adoption, heritage division, inheritance, will, domestic violence, restraining order, etc.

Criminal Procedures and Juvenile Cases


Our services include filing complaint, filing appeal, defending, filing objection, filing re-trail for general criminal and juvenile cases and for major crimes in the Anti-Corruption Act, Anti-Drug Trafficking Act, Money Laundering Control Act, Code of Court Martial Procedure.

Corporate Management and Securities and Financial Cases

Our corporate practice includes providing general and public listing and over-the-counter corporates with legal consultancy, litigiation and non-litigation services in relation to corporate management, interpretation of corporate charter, shareholder dispute, capital increasing and reduction, restructuring, liquidation, insolvency, dissolution, merger, etc. with regard to the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act and relevant laws and regulations.

IPR Cases

Our IP expertise covers the negotiation, drafting and review of IPR assignment and transfer contracts and legal consultancy and defense services in trademarks, patents, copyrights, non-competition, trade secrets and confidential information.

Administrative Dispute Resolution

Our practices include review, appeal and re-appeal in relation to administrative fines, tax dispute resolution, administrative relief with regard to performance and punishment for government employees, lodging objection for eminent domain, dispute resolution for state compensation.

Employment, Pensions and Incentives

We advise our clients on all aspects of workforce matters including pension, employment contract, occupational injuries, undue termination, sexual harassment in the workplace, employment of foreigners in Taiwan, etc.

Construction Disputes

Our practice includes drafting and negotiation of construction agreement, tenders, tenders evaluation, lodging objections and filing complaint, and dispute resolution in performance, arbitration and litigation in government procurement cases.

Non-litigation and Cross-Border Business Affairs

Our expertise covers drafting contracts, legal letters and documents, providing legal services for foreigners in Taiwan, and engaging in legal dispute resolution between Taiwanese company and foreign company, and cross-strait litigations.

Other Areas

We advise our clients on all aspects of medical dispute resolution and data privacy protection issues.

Legal Consultancy Services

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